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Flu-free February – finding a healthy routine


It seems that most of us have either had the flu (of whichever strain), or had flu-like symptoms, or at least know of a couple of people who have been off with the flu. It can be very frustrating being ‘under the weather’ or ‘below par’ (except on a golf course, of course), feeling rotten, not able to do all the things you normally can and want to do. But if there is something good that can come out if it, perhaps it’s those small random acts of kindness that help cheer us up, that show that people care – the good wishes, the offers of help – expressions of care that we don’t see so often enough, perhaps, when all is back to ‘normal’.


It had been my intention at the end of last year to start a new healthy regime of diet and
exercise, and to be transformed over the next year or so into that super-fit, lean person that has been hiding inside me for all this time (or something like that). My plans were thwarted by a dose of flu symptoms, even though I had had the vaccination; not able to go out and about, generally feeling weak and weary. Oh that it would all go away, and I could feel ‘normal’ again.

And as I pondered about what my new, normal, healthy regime might be, that would keep at bay future attacks of colds and flu, I reflected as well upon those other aspects of our health and
well-being that are essential parts of our Christian faith, and that keep us strong in the face of the challenges that there will inevitably be – our times of prayer and personal devotion, our times of fellowship and worship, our times loving our neighbour and serving our community, our times sharing God’s good news of hope and love. 

14th February marks the beginning of Lent, often a time of reflection, or of taking up a spiritual discipline, perhaps a time to be challenged. For those who want to take up something new this year, instead of giving something up, there is the 40acts generosity challenge which you may find helpful and can be found at

As a circuit, there is a new initiative being launched on Pentecost Sunday (20th May) called Holy Habits, which aims to nurture Christian discipleship and encourages the development of a way of life formed by 10 ‘Holy Habits’.

So I hope that this Lent will see the end to flu, a return to health, continuing simple acts of kindness, and a deepening of our lives of discipleship and faith, as we grow stronger together, and as we declare God’s love to a world in need, in word and in deed.

Every blessing,

Andrew Wigley