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December already! We all look back and ask where the year has gone?

We look forward to Christmas, but in the looking back and looking forward do we miss the now....Advent....the time of waiting.


In October I managed something I had never done before. I managed to see a picture on the day of release. I went to see ‘Blade Runner:2049’ 

and saw it in 3D IMAX. I was entranced by the original and so enjoyed this new one.

The original came out in 1982 and 35 years is a long time to wait for the ‘sequel’.

When I heard there was to be a sequel I was excited and full of trepidacious anticipation. Not quite counting the days and hours down, but was aware of the impending launch. 

As I was waiting for that day, it obviously drew my mind to Advent.

The trouble was I realised, I was more aware of the wait for the film than I am for the ‘wait’ of Advent.

Perhaps that is because unlike the film I was waiting to see, I knew the story and ending to Advent.


I make that confession because it may be how many people feel but seem concerned about expressing it.

Forgive me for being more feet on the ground than head in the clouds, but perhaps we may need help in rediscovering that anticipation and maybe we could reflect on our more ‘secular’ experiences of waiting to find the core of Advent again. 



Remember ‘the earth is the Lord’s and EVERYTHING in it’. So we are expected to use everything to find and experience God, and so discover echoes and sightings of God in everything God has created.That is my offer or challenge to you, to me…. Find that breath-taking anticipation once again.

Oh and if there is a third ‘Blade RunnerI hope it is not another 35 years......because I can’t wait....

God bless you all this Christmastide