North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

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Lent is upon us once again and we move from Ash Wednesday to Easter.
Derived from Old English ‘Lent’ means ‘Spring’ - a season of new life and hope.


The days begin to grow longer, crocuses and snowdrops begin to bloom. In the fields new life bounces and dances and plays. It is a season when the biting cold of a winter day may still be felt but then another day brings with it the promise of summer.
Springtime helps us to reflect on the season of Lent.
Traditionally a time of penitence and fasting in preparation for the great events of the crucifixion and resurrection, but also a time of joy as candidates for baptism were prepared in readiness for baptism on Easter Day.

In his poem “The Ballad of Mary’s Son” Langston Hughes seeks to capture this contrast of joy and sorrow, light and darkness.
He offers the image of Jesus both human and divine who provoked fear and confusion in the hearts of many and led to the cross.
So in the joy of springtime, there is death.

It was in the Spring
The Passover had come.
There was feasting in the streets and joy. 
But an awful thing
Happened in the Spring –
Men who knew not what they did.
Killed Mary’s Boy.
He was Mary’s Son,
And the Son of God was He –
Sent to bring the whole world joy.
There were some who could not hear, 
And some were filled with fear –
So they built a cross
For Mary’s Boy.

As we mark this season of Lent let us focus on the tragedy and the suffering of Christ and of this world, but never lose sight of the hope and promise of new life, for Easter Sunday will bring resurrection and this is what sustains us.

Every blessing,