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Holy Habits

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Introduction –

What is Holy Habits?

Not just another off the shelf programme!

In his book, Andrew Roberts – a Methodist Minister – talks about the adventure and call to discipleship and ten Holy Habits which can be seen in Acts Chapter 2 vs 42-47. The passage talks about the early church and the way it went about living out its ministry. This is how Andrew has summarised the 10 Holy Habits…

• Eating Together

• Prayer

• Making More Disciples

• Gladness and Generosity

• Breaking of Bread

• Service

• Fellowship

• Worship

• Biblical Teaching

• Sharing Resources

Holy Habits is a journey in discipleship which Circuit Leadership Team believe could create an opportunity for everyone, as churches and individuals within our Circuit to journey together and grow both in our relationship with God as Christian communities, and our connection with our neighbourhoods.

Based on the book Holy Habits, the whole process is designed to take two years, engaging with one Habit every 8-10 weeks approximately, and we hope that each church will engage with every habit fitting around the Christian year. The Circuit will be obtaining resource packs for every church and where necessary creating additional resources to distribute for each habit, to resource worship, sermon themes, bible study material, information sheets, prayers etc. Appropriate packs would come out shortly before the launch of each Habit and would be available to Churches, Preachers, Home & Fellowship Groups, Children’s & Youth Groups.

For more information regarding Holy Habits please contact Revd David Miller