North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

We are a discipleship movement shaped for mission

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Our History

The circuit came into being on 1st September 2014 when the circuits of Swindon and Marlborough and Chippenham joined together.

The circuit covers a large area in North Wiltshire that displays the variety of town life as shown in Swindon, Marlborough and Chippenham and embracing the rural glory of the north of the county from Luckington, to Pewsey to Ramsbury and many places in between. 
There are 23 churches in our circuit served by six presbyteral staff
As Methodists we seek to enact the calling of the Methodist church as we, through worship, seek to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love, as we share together to  help people to grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care, as we strive to  be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice and as we witness eagerly to make more followers of Jesus Christ.
The life of our churches and their mission is energised and fulfilled by the offering of time and talents by the members of our church fellowships and many groups, activities and forms of outreach are run and supported for people of all ages..
Our churches are situated in communities and are fellowships of faith that are made up of, relate to and support their local community.
Across the circuit you will see a variety of church buildings, meet with a variety of fellowships and experience a variety of worship styles, but in each you will meet the love and grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.