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As we reach the start of February we are finally at the end of the epiphany season. Which is why – at least I keep telling myself – that the last of my Christian decorations are only just going away. The Second of February is the celebration of Candlemas in which we remember  Jesus being taken to the temple, and Mary being allowed back in the temple after a period of being ceremonially unclean – aren’t we glad we don’t have these sorts of rules (but check out Leviticus 12 to see what I’m on about). In this moment Jesus is noticed for who he is, God on earth, the one who will bring about change and revolution. This was pointed out by Simeon and Anna who saw a baby and recognised their God.

That is our challenge too. To see God in the ordinary and everyday things and people we spend our time with. God does not always turn up in the expected places to be announced but in the smile of a stranger, the goodwill of a friend, the hug of a loved one. As we journey in the life of Jesus from Epiphany to Lent this month may we see him in those around us and love them as we love him.

Revd Rach