North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

We are a discipleship movement shaped for mission

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Spring is here and so some people's minds will turn to the garden.
Garden tool
 But not mine. Neither my wife nor I have green fingers in that context.
 I am afraid I am a disappointment there. The garden is where we sit out and hopefully enjoy the weather. I am also not any good at DIY.

Whilst we should all always seek to learn and improve there is also a case for knowing our limitations and admitting what we cannot do while at the same time doing well what we can do, and accepting and rejoicing in the fact that others can do certain things better than us.

God does not expect each one of us to do everything, God gifts and equips us to do the work He has set us in the place He has put us.

The greatest thing He has tasked us to do is to show His love to others and that is what our discipleship is all about. Whether that is using our gifts and skills or our time, talents and resources is for us to decide, but we can all show God's love to His people as they are brought before us in their need to be loved, whoever they are and wherever we meet them.
Easter is the great reminder of that as Christ offers himself on the cross for everyone, for all God's people who need to know that they are loved, that they have great worth and that they too are heirs to God's kingdom of love.