North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

We are a discipleship movement shaped for mission


God is here for you.

As lockdown rules change on a regular basis, from relaxation to a tightening-up, creating uncertainty about a whole range of aspects of life, it is good to know that there are constants in life that we can gain confidence from. God is; God is here; God is here for you.


Rainbows are fascinating light phenomena. Their display of the spectrum of colours of light is amazing, as well as causing some head-scratching as to ‘how it works’. But we do know that they appear after there has been rain. In fact, no rain, no rainbow. But they also need light, and the light needs to be shining in the right place. It really is a case of sunshine after the rain. As storm Alex batters the south of England, bringing heavy rain and strong gusts of wind, how we look forward to a break in the weather and some sunshine and warmth. There is further rain to come of course, and as autumn and winter approach, we adapt as we do each year to the changing weather, knowing there is spring and summer to follow. The sun doesn’t cease to exist, it’s just that the earth we live on is constantly changing in its relative position to the sun, but In a regular pattern.

And our wonderful God, who created this amazing planet, doesn’t come and go,  but rather it is us who find there are times when we can see God more clearly, and other times when we might feel God is more hidden. In the Bible, one of the signs of God’s promise to us is the rainbow. The story is told in the book of Genesis, chapter 9, as the rainbow appears after the storm and the flood, a sign of promise of God’s care for us and of new beginning.  That promise continues in the story of Jesus Christ, who reveals God’s continuing love and care for us, despite the storms we experience in our lives, and who teaches us how we can constantly draw closer to God as we trust in his promise and his way for us. And as we experience the disruption and pain of the coronavirus upon all our lives, upon the lives of our communities, and in the lives of our church families, God is still here for us, for all of us. Now is the time for us to draw strength from our lives of faith, or if we are new to all of this, to read the stories of God’s promise and love for us in the Bible and to connect with others who are on the journey drawing closer to God through Jesus Christ. On this website you will find details of churches across the North Wiltshire circuit, and activities and worship that you can be part of, despite the challenges and changes brought about by coronavirus.

God is still here; God is still with us. God’s promise and his love for us live on, forever.

Every blessing, Andrew