North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

We are a discipleship movement shaped for mission

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As our churches begin to get back to opening for worship, and we make moves to opening up for hire to our community groups, we will find what comes next somewhat strange.
Although we will find ourselves among familiar surroundings and familiar faces (partially covered) it will not feel the same.
In worship we are not able to sing, an important part of worship for so many of us, as words and tunes sung from the heart enable us to use words that we could not otherwise express to speak of our love for God and our commitment to the work of the kingdom.
We cannot make responses in prayers and that could make us feel like spectators rather than participants.
We have to clear the church and cannot linger inside as usual to speak and share with friends. We need to make sure though that we continue to stay in touch with one another.
These may be the most noticeable of what we now have to do.
They may not be as we would wish, but they are needful and necessary. We seek to show that above all we do love our neighbour and will act as required to keep them safe and well. We set an example alongside some, and before some.
In those churches that have had worship those things have been missed, but the joy of meeting in fellowship has far outweighed that.
Good planning before opening and adherence to the rules as we meet, have brought a blessing upon all.
As things develop and change we need to work together to care for one another and to enable others to return to worship as they feel comfortable and confident. We need to be adaptable and responsive to the needs and changes as they come upon us.
This swift response to adaptations and change is not something many associate with church life, but here they are sadly mistaken. Churches have responded well and many individuals have given so much of their time and efforts.
I want to thank all those in our circuit churches who have put in so much time and effort to get us to this point and those who are perhaps just beginning this process.
There will be a time when we are singing and responding and chatting again. It may be a little while away but it is a hope we hold to and a joy we look forward to.

Every blessing,