North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

We are a discipleship movement shaped for mission

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

So how are those New Year resolutions going? Apparently most of them will have fallen by the wayside now.

I never made or make them. But I did have a new school year ‘resolution’.

I remember as a schoolboy starting each new school year and being given a new exercise book for each subject. My aim was to keep each page pristine as an educational record. No spelling mistakes, crossings out or ink blotches. Each page a testament to my writing skills and endeavour to study. Usually lasted about half a page! But in the midst of the spelling mistakes, crossings out or ink blotches were my notes and thus my knowledge and education.

The same applies to us in our approach to another year. Though we may seek to keep ourselves from errors, mistakes and faux pas we will probably come a cropper at some time, we are but human. But that does not ruin the year, for in between these errors and mistakes we find the life we live as we learn from what we have done wrong and learn not to repeat it.

Any year will consist of ups and downs, in our life and in our faith and in the life and faith of those around us. It is for us to celebrate the ups and learn from the downs.

This life is to be lived, not avoided or protected, and it is in our living that we show God to all.

God bless you all,