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#Follow the Star . . .

We are often caught up today in a world of celebrities and would-be celebrities, people trying to break through and make a name for themselves, in the hope that their stardom will lead to fortunes. Others are fascinated by the lives of these stars, wondering what they will get up to next, wondering how outrageous they will need to become in order to continue to attract their following. Others are resigned to the fact that their own star of fame and fortune has yet to shine, and may never quite shine in the way they had hoped. For many, these celebrity games are a distraction away from the reality of life that seems increasingly challenging and uncertain, not least about what life might be like after BREXIT.

Star1Yet there is a star that has been shining for two thousand years, whose destiny is not chosen by a public vote, but whose course is set by the creator of the universe in which we live, our God. The rising of this star was noticed by wise men, who recognised that something new was happening in the world, something of great significance for everyone. They followed the star until it led them to where Jesus lay in a manger, in Bethlehem. The angel appeared to shepherds, bringing “good news of great joy for all the people”, peace on earth, and announcing the birth of a new star, the baby Jesus, born to be the Saviour of the world.

. . . for love, joy and peace

So, come and join with us this Christmastime as we follow the star that’s been shining for over 2,000 years, leading millions of people to the place where God’s love for each one of us is revealed through the birth of his son, Jesus Christ. Come and find out about the true light that offers hope of joy and peace for the whole world. We would love to welcome you at one of our services.

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