North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

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Policies, Poster and Leaflets

The following can all be downloaded as a PDF or the Church Policy Template as a Word document


Safeguarding Policy Poster for churches 2023


Church model template & Circuit approved policy

Church Safeguarding Policy Template Word doc (updated July 2023)

Circuit Safeguarding Policy (approved June 2023)


Complete Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance (updated July 2023)

Summary of the Safeguarding Policy (updated July 2023)

Revised Safeguarding Policy explained (updated May 2023)

Addendum-detailed documented changes to the Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy (updated May 2023)

Appendix's relating the the Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance July 2023 

Appendix 1, Updated July 2023

Anti-Bullying Policy

Appendix 2, Updated July 2023

Procedures for safer working practices when managing children's activities this also relates to the Church Safeguarding Policy, page 5, d)   
This document should be given to any person working with volunteers who work with children and young people

Appendix 4, Updated July 2023
Procedures for the management of Safeguarding information

Appendix 5b, Updated July 2023
Responding to character reference requests

Appendix 9, Updated July 2023
Safeguarding Training attendance list

Appendix 10, Updated July 2023
External users Safeguarding Policy declaration

Safer Recruitment

Methodist Safer Recruitment Policy (October 2022)


Safeguarding Guidance for Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs) 

(updated July 2023)

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Policy  (updated 2021)

For lots of resources and information on Domestic Abuse, please follow this link to the Methodist Website (updated Feb 2024)

Property & Safeguarding

Model Key Points for External User Groups of Premises (updated July 2020)

External users Safeguarding Policy declaration (Appendix 10) 
(updated July 2023)


Help! Abused as a child

Help! Someone I care about maybe an offender

Help! Teaching my child personal safety

Help! Domestic violence

September 2023