North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit

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Property keyholders

Anybody who holds a key to a church property should complete the KEYHOLDER FORM D.  They should sign the two declarations.  

The only people who should hold keys to a church property are:  People within a position of authority within the church - they should therefore hold a current DBS certificate and have completed the Foundation Safeguarding module within the last 4 years.  (Please check with the Church or Circuit Safeguarding Officer for status of these).  Keys should not be handed out to people other than in an official role within the church to ensure the safety of all hall users.

A property steward should keep a detailed and up to date list of every keyholder.  They should also check with the Safeguarding Officer that the Safer Recruiting status of every person is complete.

Any person who has a key as they hire the premises should sign the same form.  There should also be documented hours of usage as to when the key can be used to access the building written in the hall hire agreement.